Logo BC Cascioli
Logo BC Cascioli

Via Veneto’s Retrò Bike is a luxury brand in the cycling world. Our Retrò Style Bike have an unmistakable line. Their design is very appreciate around the world. We have a shop online, a market where you can see our models.

Our bike are one of the most requested, thanks to the unique characteristics and the precious details. Brand Cascioli decided to focus on technology, high-quality and retrò style. Combining these three characteristics, we created some sensationals bikes.

We are in Italy, land of handcrafted. Our partner is Velomarche, famous in the world for his excellent job. Each of our products is tested before being put on sale.

We invite you to contact us, for any information or doubt. You can call us or fill out the form.

About Us

In 1925, Paolo Bargnesi decided to open a bicycle shop: sale and repair. Business is good from the beginning.

In 1950, thanks to the success achieved, the main store was opened in Via Roma, 39. In 1957, Paolo entrusted his shop to his son Tonino, a great connoisseur of bicycles.

During the 1970s, business proceeded positively. The shop expanded to sell the scooters. In 1979, Roberto Cascioli was hired as an apprentice. A new story begins!

Tonino considers Roberto almost a son: he teaches him everything about bicycles and scooters.

In 1993, Roberto joined the company with Tonino. In 1996, Roberto leads the company with his brother Marco.

Currently, the main office is in Via Roma, 90: due to logistical and space problems, a final transfer was necessary.

Special Offers

This page is constantly updated. Many of our bikes are often on offer. You can read the product description, the price and any information about it. You will always be updated on current offers. Take a look at the catalog to choose the best bike for you. In any case, you can contact us.


Would you like to buy one of our bikes? We can help you choose the best solution: ask us for any information. Our only desire is to offer you the best shopping experience. In this page you will find our telephone contacts, the e-mail and the form to fill to contact us.